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Spirometry, Oximetry and Mobile-Health

As a global medical device leader in spirometry, oximetry, and telemedicine, our innovative technology enables healthcare professionals and their patients to facilitate comprehensive personal health monitoring. Breathing well is essential for a good quality of life.

Our Products

Smart One

The Smart One allows you to measure, monitor and track lung function no matter your location. Perfect for monitoring asthma, COPD, lung transplant care, cystic fibrosis, and other conditions.

Spirobank Smart

The Spirobank Smart is a personal-use spirometer that produces professional-level results. It is like having a portable PFT lab in your pocket!


All-in-one Spirometer with 7-inch Touchscreen, embedded printer and Oximetry (optional).

Spirobank II Smart

A versatile, clinical-grade spirometer complete with Oximetry (optional). Connect via Bluetooth with Tablet (iOS and Android) and PC (Windows and MacOS - also supports USB connection).


An easy-to-use, full function spirometer with minimal maintenance necessary.


Capable of performing spirometry, 6 min walk test, sleep study, and 24-hr oximetry.

Spirobank II Basic

Provides essential spirometry parameters, ideal for basic spirometry screening (e.g., General Practice, Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care).

FlowMIR™ Disposable Turbine

Compatible with all MIR professional spirometers for single-patient use. Factory calibrated and not affected by temperature, humidity or barometric pressure.

VBMax-FlowMIR Disposable Turbine

Compatible with all MIR professional spirometers for single-patient use. Includes viral/bacterial filter mouthpiece.

Reusable Turbine Flowmeter

Compatible with all MIR professional spirometers for multi-patient use. Requires cleaning and disinfection between patients.

Single Patient Reusable Turbine

Compatible with all MIR personal spirometers with a 1-year life span. No calibration needed.

MIR Spiro (Windows/Mac)

Complete and powerful desktop software solution for clinical Spirometry and Oximetry testing and results management.

MIR Spiro App (iOS/Android)

Allows Healthcare Professionals to connect the Spirobank II Smart to a tablet for portability and maximum ease-of-use.

MIR Spirobank App

Mobile App (iOS and Android), for real time at home spirometry and oximetry testing, directly on your Smartphone via Bluetooth Smart 4.0

Smart One App

Mobile App (iOS and Android), for real time spirometry and oximetry test, directly on your Smartphone/Tablet via Bluetooth Smart 4.0


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Spirobank Smart

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